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On-the-job Professional Training Is Crucial

There is a common saying that goes like “Talent is equally distributed, but opportunity is not.”

During my campaign, we addressed this issue in detail. Here, I am sharing some thoughts with the hope that elected officials and community leaders take these ideas for the benefit of all under-served communities.

We at WUTBW believe that, if we can create more opportunities for the under-served, those individuals are given the chance to actualize their potential, and all kinds of industries are able to benefit from the shared experiences and diversity.

On-the-job Professional Training Results In Equal Career Opportunities.

There are thousands of people in the south central Los Angeles area who are working in low-paying jobs because they don’t have the skills to compete for the higher-skilled jobs employers are struggling to fill. To that end, it’s more important than ever for companies to recruit from talent pools they may not have previously considered.

​Weaving together training and education with technology and commercial activity in a common physical space has proven to revitalize communities, while also successfully addressing the growing skills gap in many industries, both tech and commerce.

​It is also important that all industries are representative of our communities within which they operate. Sourcing talent from traditionally overlooked and undervalued pools is one of the most fair and effective strategies for companies to remain competitive as the demand for innovative solutions accelerates and the expectations for enhanced revenue, performance, and brand trust increase.​

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