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Improving Home Ownership Rates Among People Of Color

Here are some steps we will focus on aiming to improve home-ownership rates among people of color ...

  • improving access to home-ownership for first time buyers,

  • lowering the cost of home-ownership,

  • eliminating discriminatory practices and policies that prevent African American and Hispanic families from seeing the same returns as white families, and

  • reducing the property taxes to the levels comparable to the neighboring communities.

Expanding Access To Community Development Financial Institutions

Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs) are banks, credit unions, and other local financial institutions that support affordable housing and provide other financial needs to distressed urban and rural communities that mainstream banks do not serve. The loans they deliver support efforts affordable housing, home renovations and upgrades among other efforts— all of which support the broader community. CDFIs are critical to helping minorities in under-served communities purchase homes.

We will write about this topic in depth in the very near future... Stay tuned.

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