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Now That The Final Compton Municipal Election Results Are In...

Now that the final election results are in, a proper congratulations is due to ...

Madam Mayor Emma Sharif,

District 2 Councilman Mr. Isaac Galvan,

District 3 Councilman Mr. Jonathan Bowers,

City Treasurer Mr. Brandon Mims,

City Attorney Mr. Damon Brown, and last but not least

Madam City Clerk, Alita Godwin.

I, LaMar Willis, am here and will continue to serve my community along side of the new administration that was elected by our great citizens of Compton. I pray that we build our city together and bridge the gap between the elders and the youth, by keeping on cultivating our long standing traditions and values, while embracing the lifestyle and new ideas of our youth. They are the future and we are their foundation, and Compton is our home.

Let’s be stronger than ever by choosing peace, and standing together to create the Compton we all deserve and need.

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