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Ideas, Viewpoints and Achievable Solutions

WhatUTalkin'BoutWillis is here to present ideas, viewpoints and achievable solutions that economically, politically and socially inform and empower you, expand your connections, and plug into new conversations.

WhatUTalkin'BoutWillis platform is designed for positive minded, forward thinking, ethical, servant leader type people. We providing life style enriching information. We provide an online location for multi cultural communities to connect, share, grow, and learn. ​ We offer a platform which allows the development of commerce transactions, personal and business connections.

WUTBW is black owned, and operated with a diverse group of people with a varied range of expertise supporting the platform in the background. The topic focused members of our editorial team are the ones behind your user experience, our content policy, and everything that you experience on this platform.

While voyaging through the WUTBW experience, know that you are seen, heard, and cared for.

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