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How To Address The Homelessness Issue

Poverty, unemployment, and lack of affordable housing are main causes of homelessness. These risk factors are exacerbated by personal vulnerabilities such as mental and substance use disorders, trauma and violence, domestic violence, justice-system involvement, sudden serious illness, divorce, death of a partner, and disabilities. ​ Transitional Housing programs can help address the homelessness through a range of essential recovery support services, including sustainable nutrition, mental and substance use disorder treatment, mainstream social benefits and eventual employment opportunities. In order to handle the ever increasing homelessness problem in in the under-served communities, we may consider these time tested Transitional Housing Sites where people experiencing economic hardship and homelessness can turn for support.

  • Transitional Housing Sites consist of modular cottages to house two or four people each.

  • The cost is roughly $4,000 per person including transportation and installation.

  • Transitional Housing Sites can provide temporary residence of up to 12-18 months with wrap-around services to help people stabilize their lives.

  • Modular cottages can be erected swiftly (a team of three workers can assemble a double occupancy unit in a day).

  • Transitional Housing Sites can be relocated to any other location as needed within a week.

  • Supportive services at the safe and stable housing environment will help people manage serious, chronic issues such as mental and substance use disorders.

This solution is introduced in several communities across Southern California. The company building these cottages is . We sincerely hope that the under-served communities in Southern California will look into this transitional housing option while addressing the homelessness issue in their cities.

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