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Follow Us On Our New Facebook Page

Hi folks,

We, LaMar Willis and friends, are back reaching out to you after a short post-election break. We have good news. We are currently working on final stages of our new social media platform/website. We expect to complete the website early July. Yet, you can visit our new website already now at and subscribe.

and follow us on our new Facebook page


In case you are an active concerned member of an under-served SoCal community, have some valuable information, ideas, skills, experience or even products you want to have highlighted on our platform, you are invited to join our team and be part of the conversation, and contribute regularly as a citizen journalist, or an expert in your own field, with news, editorials, opinion pieces and visuals.

Let your thought-provoking yet achievable perspectives change everyone's lives in a positive way, including your own life.

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