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Are You Night Blind? Do You Need to Drive at Night? Here is a Solution For You! DARK CHOCOLATE

We want to share a night blindness story with you which may resonate with you.

Let's say you reside somewhere in Los Angeles County. You love the ocean and take every opportunity to get to the beach, especially during summer weekends.

You decide to spend one of those magical Southern California weekends in beautiful San Diego. You find a great airBnB deal for Friday and Saturday nights in downtown San Diego. May be in Little Italy district. You are totally stoked.

So, you take off on Friday mid afternoon and get to your destination right before sunset. Great time to check in and then go to a local restaurant for food and drinks.

You spend the next two fantastic days in Little Italy, visit Coronado Island, may be swim at the Pacific Beach.

The dream weekend will eventually be approaching an end. It is late Sunday afternoon. It is almost time to drive back home. But there is a problem...

You turn into Mr. Magoo when driving in the dark.

What do you do? Leave early (and waste half of the day on the road) to avoid darkness or ...

What else can you do?

We want to suggest a solution for you (try at your own risk of course).

If you have night blindness, your eyes will have difficulty adjusting to dim light. It means that your vision in poorly-lit situations or at night is going to be fairly poor. You will have trouble while driving in the dark due to inability to see road signs.

Here is what you do!

About two hours before you take off, you find a coffee shop. Order a small size hot cup of coffee. While your coffee is still hot, place a two oz block of dark chocolate with highest percentage of cocoa you can find, into your hot coffee. We suggest Trader Joe's 72% Cacao Dark Chocolate bar (47g, 34g cacao, total flavanols: 316.3 mg).

Stir thoroughly until the whole dark chocolate block has melt. You may add some stevia, but no sugar of course. And may be a few drops of creamer. Drink the whole cup of coffee loaded with your dark chocolate.

Your visual acuity and contrast sensitivity will improve significantly about 2 hours after consumption of the coffee loaded with dark chocolate.

Since the duration of these effects and their influence in real-world performance needs further clinical testing, we suggest that you eat another 1 oz of dark chocolate at the time you start driving, and eat another 1 oz of chocolate after every hour you are driving.

Bon appétit and bon voyage...

Clinical tests on this subject are published here and here! (Trial registration: Identifier: NCT03326934)

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