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A New Path To Revitalization: Opportunity Zones

The bipartisan Opportunity Zones Program focuses on distressed, low-income census tracks designated as eligible to receive targeted economic investments through "Opportunity Funds," which are Treasury-certified private investment vehicles that aggregate and deploy private capital into Opportunity Zones.

Opportunity Zones exist to:

  • fund new and small businesses,

  • develop blighted properties,

  • invest in key local infrastructure projects,

  • finance facility construction or refurbishment, and

  • a number of other activities intended to revitalize and enhance local economic ecosystems.

Based on the 2011-2015 American Community Survey, over 41,000 census tracts are eligible for designation as Qualified Opportunity Zones. Over 52 million Americans reside in distressed and under-served communities that may benefit from the investment brought by Opportunity Zones.​

Bringing Public Policy And Private Enterprise Together

The Opportunity Zones program utilizes sensible policy making to incentivize long-term private sector investment into under-served communities.

​​United States investors hold an estimated $2.3 trillion in underutilized capital gains from stocks and mutual funds alone. Opportunity Funds allow investors to roll these passive holdings of accumulated capital gains into under-served communities.

Opportunity Zones help attract otherwise wary investors to America’s most under-served communities; new investment will flow into blighted developments, stalled infrastructure projects, and other desperately needed economic enhancements, driving improvements that will help turn dreams to reality.

​​​The Federal government stands ready to work with State, and local officials to best implement Opportunity Zones in the communities that need them the most.

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