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Hi SoCal Family,

I'm LaMar Willis, Founder of

WhatUTalkin'Bout Willis



A Little About Me

I am a born and raised 3rd generation Compton native. After I came of age and completed my education, I pursued my professional career, started my family, became a successful businessman, all in Compton. I intently provided access to public benefit programs for seniors, veterans, and the well-being of my community.

Our Compton roots go back to the 1950's, when my grandfather settled our family on Nester Ave. and started the family business, Compton Refrigeration & Air Conditioning.

I was born in the Dominguez Hills Hospital in Compton. I attended school in Compton. For the last fourteen years I have been serving the seniors of Compton as a Senior Housing Developer, establishing, building and managing residential care facilities for the elderly. My passion is to advocate for seniors and veterans to receive the highest level of support for housing, services, and benefits they need and well deserve.


As a proud member of the Compton Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, I am actively involved in the local economy and the business community in the region.


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I see our city facing traumatic, complex challenges. Issues such as lack of healthcare services for the immune-compromised seniors in our community, poor access to sustainable and nutritional food, lack of affordable housing, ever growing unemployment, increased number of shuttered businesses, poor infrastructure management throughout the city, diminished public safety due to gun violence and most importantly worsening community and law enforcement relations. On top of all these problems, we do have ongoing issues with drugs, prostitution, child abuse, and uncontrolled growth of homelessness.


All these problems continue to threaten our community. It breaks my heart to think about all that we have endured.

Although I have not successfully completed my campaign, I am prepared to support and assist the  incoming administration. I am fully dedicated to continue serving our community, leaders, seniors, veterans, students, working families and local businesses. And I have the strongest faith and confidence that, when we tackle all our challenges with a sense of urgency, together as a united community, we can change our city’s trajectory positively for many decades to come.

We need to continue with the pilot basic income program the outgoing administration has successfully launched, invest in human-centered economy, encourage businesses to chose Compton as the preferred site for their operations, return to factual-needs-based governance, secure the community's food needs, fight hunger through community partnerships, and create an all accessible healthcare system.


We need to do all of this while enacting accountable and smart policing, swiftly completing our road and infrastructure repairs, building and refurbishing affordable housing, closing our city’s digital divide, modernizing city services, and more.

Let’s Continue to “Build Compton Better!” - Together

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